Lunch Box Tray Transformer

Who wouldn’t enjoy an elaborate lunch, but to cook and carry a feast to work or school is next to impossible. Alright, even if you cook the hearty meal, how will you carry it? Spills, space, boxes…oh such a pain! Fret not; the new superhero of lunch service is here. Sunch! The lunchbox that does a transformer stunt and converts into a tray with an array of dishes to feast from. Impromptu picnic during lunch hour at work? Sunch will take care of the lack of picnic tables in the vicinity. Just open it up and arrange the tray across your lap and enjoy your meal!

When each side of the outer box is opened, they flatten out to become a table. Ring shaped slots at the bottom of each dish, container and bottle ensure they don’t topple over the table.
Basically a very Stable Table!

Designer: Soo Kang Lee


  • Silenzo says:

    that’s pretty cool and handy =)

  • Karl says:

    ‘Made out of plastic’ is quite possibly the worst thing a product designer could ever say.

    Though in term of the design I think its great. I have done a similar project to this before and came to similar conclusions (though must admit this one is better!).

    • M.S.W. says:

      The designer should stipulate “100% Recyclable Plastic” instead. Although a true 100% recyclable glass would be better than a plastic one to maintain the designers intent on making the lunch experience more “elegant”.

  • Very Interesting. I don’t know but somehow it reminds me of Mr Bean:)

    • Radhika Seth says:

      LOL…my kids were watching that episode just last night….and I was so tempted to center this post around Mr. Bean!

      The, the tea….gosh Mr. Bean IS Funny…and this lunchbox would do him good!

  • Hard to imagine what else it would be made out of that would be light enough to easily carry with all the compartments etc, other than plastic. If it’s durable enough (and will last) and recycled. Than its fine. And for me, I’m just waiting till I can find one. My complaint with most lunch containers is they just aren’t flexible enough.

  • Shane says:

    That is awesome, I would definitely buy one….

  • M.S.W. says:

    Only thing missing is the compartment to hold the silverware/chopsticks.

    One mechanical note for the designer would be to have self locking hinges that lock the fold down sides in place when open. Which would negate the need for the flip out feet (which with out locking hinges would help to push the sides back in the upright position) Another added benifit of the not needing the flip out feet is reduced production cost (both in materials and manufacturing tooling)but would provide extra space to store the silverware/chopsticks on one side and seasonings (salt/pepper etc.) on the other side.

  • littlebrown says:

    Where can I buy this?

  • Kevin Chou says:

    How could I contact the designer?

  • TANIA says:

    Where could i buy this, i just love it, is what the doctor recomended LOL
    Im from Mexico i was wondering if you send that here

  • Leandro says:

    Where can I buy this lunch box?

  • Leandro says:

    Where can I buy this lunch box?

  • Wonjoon says:

    where can I buy this??????????????????

  • Wonjoon says:

    where can I buy this??????????????????

  • Jimmy C says:

    My dad would love this to take to work. I hope it’s easily washable!

  • Isabelli says:

    Can’t believe how practical it is. Everybody should have it. Dissapointed i can’t find it in Germany.

  • the goat loves it

  • Haruno Miri says:

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