Haute Yacht

If the Transformers Autobots could add a yacht to their crew, chances are it would look like something like this. The Epiphany has all of the amenities of a well-bred luxury yacht and the seductive styling of a sexy club, however, it’s paramount feature is the ability to instantly transform from streamlined speed demon to titillating pleasure boat…

A hidden anchor is located at the bow on the other side of the triangle cuts. After the yacht has been stationed in a cove or at the dock, the transformation starts with the large deck area that slides apart to reveal more deck space and seating as well as a central hot tub. A perfect multilevel entertaining space.

The back of the yacht features a superstructure with an impressive glass sunroof that slides open 16 feet giving the stern area plenty of sun. Beyond the sunroof is a grand stairway leading down to a water-level deck.

The interior sports a master suite with private water level decks that have water access. Glass doors allow the deck to remain lowered throughout the time the yacht is anchored. With a guest suite and 2 guest rooms there is ample room to accommodate friends. Beneath a spiral staircase that connects the main deck with the helm are the crew and captain’s quarters. A living room, formal dining room, and internal storage area for jet skis complete the Epiphany’s polished interior.

Designers: Caan Yaylali, John Guarino, and Nathan Gendotti