3 Ways BLUETTI can make Mother’s Day extra special with portable power stations

Although we really should be doing more than just once a year, it’s that special time when people all over the world give their mom’s some TLC. For some, that means bearing gifts or pampering them with food and service at home. For others, it involves giving their mothers some “me time” to enjoy life without having to worry about the family’s meals for the day. Some might even take their beloved mommas out on an excursion, perhaps somewhere relaxing and memorable. Whatever the plan might be, it will most likely involve the use of electricity, which may not always be available everywhere and all the time. Fortunately, BLUETTI has just the perfect products to deliver clean, quiet, and safe power anytime, anywhere, giving moms some much-needed peace of mind, whether it’s Mother’s Day or any other day.

Designer: BLUETTI

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Some moms might prefer to escape the hustle and bustle of cities and the noise of other humans during this weekend celebration. Camping out in the wild might be fun and reinvigorating, but worrying about modern conveniences is anything but relaxing. Need to keep her phone charged so she can instantly share those wonderful photos? How about coffee and warm food on demand? These are no problems for the BLUETTI EB3A, EB55, and EB70 compact and portable power stations, giving you all the electricity you need for a short wilderness trip or a magical sleepover under the night sky.


More adventurous mothers might prefer going places they haven’t been to before, and the Mother’s Day weekend is the perfect opportunity for a sightseeing road trip. With the BLUETTI AC200P, AC200MAX, and AC300, your mom won’t even have to worry about leaving the critical amenities of life behind. 2,000W to 3,000W of power is more than enough for the off-grid RV life, meeting the needs of almost any appliance, from refrigerators to hair dryers to CPAP machines. And if that much power still isn’t enough, you can expand the AC300 with B300 battery modules to bring it up to a whopping 12,288Wh. Thanks to fast and efficient solar charging as well as its clean operation, this BLUETTI AC series power stations let you enjoy life on the road as safely and as quietly as your mother would like.


Mother’s Day might happen only once a year, but caring for these Wonder Women is an all-year-round job. Fortunately, BLUETTI’s powerful and sustainable solutions are useful any day, especially during those unexpected outages when you’re not around to help your mom. The BLUETTI modular AC500, which successfully raised $12 million from more than 5,000 believers on Indiegogo, can deliver 3,072Wh of power or even up to 18,432Wh when connected to multiple B300S battery modules. That’s enough to provide power to the entire household for a day or two, letting you use your 360W fridge or 1800W air conditioner during a blackout. The BLUETTI EP500 solar generator on wheels can also bring power to where it’s needed inside the house, offering enough juice for a 1500W electric grill, an 8000BTU A/C, or a 2000W coffee maker for hours.

Give your mother the perfect gift that will give her peace of mind, no matter the day of the year. BLUETTI is celebrating Mother’s Day by helping you save up to $700 on these portable power stations that prove their worth on any occasion. And with the company’s referral system, your friends receive a 5% discount, and you earn a BLUETTI buck for every dollar they spend. These BLUETTI power stations are more than just a one-off treat; they’re also a lifetime investment that will show your care and love for your mother every day of the year.

Click Here to Buy Now: Up to $700 off!