Preserving The World Through Electronics Upgrades

We’ve got all this tech, right? And we use lots and lots of energy to make it all. When we switch to a new phone or drop our laptop, breaking the screen, getting a whole new laptop, we waste via the new energy we’re using creating a whole new set of objects. Instead, what designer Dominic Muren hopes to do is to create an environment where not only are our minds changed on the way we interact with our devices, but the way those devices are able to be fixed and upgraded.

Dominic Muren is working on new design methods to create products that are both easy to fix and to upgrade. It’s a design framework and it’s called Skin/Skeleton/Guts, or SSG. There’s two amazing videos, one of Muren on the street going completely excited nuts in a totally good way, then there’s his TED speech he made as a result of his awarded TED fellowship. Look at them, love them, and embrace the futuristic fantasy.

Designer: Dominic Muren