Clever Kitchen Tray

The Smart Tray offers a lifestyle solution to those who live in cramped apartments and could do with fewer dishes in the kitchen. Aimed at the next-gen who prefers eating in front of the television, this kitchen appliance facilitates a more positive attitude towards housekeeping. The smart materials used in the tray allow it to be transformed into various dishes and are easy to clean at the end of a meal.

Designer: Ryan Jongwoo Choi


  • Mariano says:

    nice design an idea!

  • Dan says:

    Why don’t we see more design improvements or drastic jumps in bowl, plate and utensil technology beside materials? Because they are as such a point of refinement that any further developments are more of less aesthetic or masturbatory design.

    This is the latter, it offers nothing new but a whole host of new problems and complexity. What purpose would a $500 tray offer me over my $100 set of service and utensils? On option serves a room and is a canvas for food the other serves one in what looks to be a very sterile and cold manner.

  • alan says:

    i was wondering if the product has any meaning in washing

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