Clean Sweep

Tired of the old dustpan and same old functionality of a dustpan and broom? Its time to adopt the Sweeper & Dustpan, crafted with the intention of upping the esthetic value of these humble cleaning tools. Besides the good looks, the innovating factor is the use of the dustpan’s handle as a funnel. Simply deposit the dirt into any-sized bin with ease!

The sweeper is made of natural horsehair and beechwood, because natural hair sweeps better than its synthetic equivalent. The wooden handle covered with oil is nice to touch, well balanced and comfortable to hold. The project was made in collaboration with a Warsaw craftsman who has been producing brooms and brushed for many years. The design of the dustpan allows the technology of injection moulding to be applied.

Designer: Jan Kochański


  • Ed says:

    I feel like it would be spilling though the back while sweeping. Pointless idea.. Wouldn’t it be just easier to just dump it out the normal way? And what if the stuff you are gathering is larger than the hole? Yeah.. poor design.

  • Nice idea and looks cool, but not sure its really going to work. Probably just going to get something nasty caught in the hole and then are going to have to fish it out with your finger. Mmmm lovely!

  • John Layne says:

    Looks good, but would I buy one no. It will transfer filth from the pan to the brush handle yuck!

  • JBantha says:

    Perfect for those of use who work with woods or in general any kind of dry residue. I want one.

  • Jan Meissner says:

    this is a copy of my fourth-semester project. i published it on the internet, so this designer must have seen it. it is from 2011, which i can proof by three professors and 300 students.
    even the lightsetting and the way the model helds its hands is the same.
    bad move

  • Lol says:

    Its incredible how people try to find problems where there are none.

    Do you pick filthy/wet/gooshy things with a dustpan? No, you pick up dust, glass, dry items, etc, not a dustpan, thats why its called a DUSTpan, not a filthypan or wetpan.

    For wet things you use either a mop, a piece of paper or something that helps DRY what you have wet.

    Its like saying those portable vacuum cleaners are badly designed because they will be ruined when you vacuum water or wet items!!! Duuuuuh

    This is a great design, the dust will only go up the handle if you go too hard on your brooming, which from personal experience you dont, because on any other dustpan, going to hard on the brooming will just make the dust go everywhere!

  • Nice simple look, but the brush handle is just going to get very dirty and contaminate your hand. (style over function!)

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