Better Than Frozen Pizza

‘There is not much joy in frozen pizzas or eating out every other night.’ Based on his personal experience of living alone and hating to cook for a single person, designer Kim Risager brings us the alternative of the Fastronomy Cooker. Will this turnkey appliance motivate the singletons to cook a sumptuous meal or will this concept just be that – another idea; lets have a look.

Research in Scandinavia shows that since 1980, the amount of home cooked meals has dropped from 72% to approximately 50%. This is probably true for many parts of the world. Fastronomy is fast gastronomy in a product and service Essentially, the Fastronomy Cooker is a mini-kitchen that replaces cooking in the oven, frying in a pan and boiling in a pot with hot air and steam in a glass.

The system is an online Fastronomy Delivery Service where you can select the meals you would like to eat the same night. A single portion of ingredients for your meal arrives at your doorstep, and then all you need to do is combine and assemble. You may not be doing the cutting and chopping, but at least you get the satisfaction of whipping up a hot, fresh meal. When the cooking is done, the double walled cooking glasses can be taken out and cleaned in the dishwasher.

Designer: Kim Risager