A Mop that Makes Sense

Now, here’s a design that’ll make you say DUH! However simple, the Levko mop features an innovation that makes plain, perfect sense. The long handle is hollow and features a handy spout at the mop end that makes it possible to funnel water directly into a bucket or other container. That means no more heavy, unstable lifting. It’s a total back-saver!

Designer: Snežana Jeremić


  • mimi says:

    Very smart design. I like it.

  • praxis says:

    makes sense. should patent idea.

  • hodorhodor says:

    Why is it called Levko?

  • Jerry Kozak says:

    Smart! Makes use of an already hollow rod.! Kudos!

  • Alex Smith says:

    Exactly how does this solve a problem?

    How would you not have to lift a heavy bucket of water again?

    All this does, is help get the water from the faucet and into the bucket with the mop attached to it!

    What if you have to clean a room thats located far from a faucet?

    Then what do you do?

    It depends where in the home, the room is located.. it can be a multi level home, or single storey home!

    Plus we already have steam mops! Manufactured by the Shark company! They are very effective, and there’s not many people these days who still use a mop and a bucket!

    The description says no more heavy lifting,

    U would still have to lift it, if there is no tap in the room being cleaned!



  • Jay says:

    Alex, you wouldn’t have to lift it to counter height.. which is far more difficult than to hand-by-side height. The difference is leg muscles vs back muscles.

    Clever design! Well done.

  • Gboss says:


    haters gonna hate

    Great idea! well done !

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