Supersonic Space Tourism

The SXT-A Iron Speed aircraft concept combines three types of next-gen propulsion engines that work in different stages to connect destinations. It’s like any commercial flight but offers space-tourists the opportunity to experience a supersonic cruise speed at Mach 2, a maximum hypersonic speed at Mach 6, as well as a few minutes on the border of space at an altitude over 100km. With break-neck speed and the excitement of a moment in space, it’s like taking your favorite roller coaster from New York to Paris.

Designer: Oscar Viñals


  • Erick Larss says:

    this concept is amazing!!… i only found more info in his personal portfolio at;
    what is the designer’s web? next-gent propulsion engines? green energy…

    it’s cool!

  • tool says:

    not only are these pictures the cheesiest thing i have ever seen, but the link from Eric proves that this person not only has horrible grammar, but one of the worst structure and fluidity of ideas. The ship is clearly designed by someone who knows next to nothing about aerospace engineering and design either.

    I can’t believe this site took this article remotely seriously… seriously.

  • All these weird shapes and things attached… Convert this model for use in X-Plane (or another aerodynamics simulator) and see how it would behave. Then come back with that, after some proper research is done.

    Also, airborne refueling in an aircraft with a cruise speed of mach 2 and a top speed of mach 6? It would need to be very stable at probably less than mach 0.5 for refueling AND be stable at mach 6?

    This fantasy is far to complex and would be unbelievably expensive compared to something like the existing White Knight/SpaceshipOne combo.

  • stephen russell says:

    Oscar, Love your work, Mass produce for Manned Pvt Space use, Yours is the next wave to Manned Space.
    Lisc for the US & EU to produce,
    Test in So CA Mojave CA.

  • john says:

    Mr/Mrs Tool, I have seen your comments on this article, and in some others of the like, and I must say that, in some ways, I may share some of your opinions.
    I have to assume that you are an aerospace engineer or an excellent designer??? I am myself a follower of Yanko Design, and as an open minded web, that accepts amazing designs, but not impossible designs,this website is great!…that concept is what I like!!! So next time you have opinions, keep them in your rotten brain…
    btw, my grammar is also horrible, as are your comments and opinions.

  • mif991 says:

    The presentation is incomplete. Its tough to critique something that comes with no research nor adequate explanation. But the images are pretty. I agree with Quintin.

  • James says:

    “cheesiest thing i have ever seen”. May i suggest more life experience if this is the cheesiest thing you have ever seen.

  • John says:

    Mach 6 is 2041.74 meters per SECOND (thank you google) if you understand how fast that is you can see why this is highly unrealistic, I suggest the designer ask a physicist what they think.

  • Hunter says:

    The visuals are great. The fact that it’s impossible by today’s standards makes it cheesy.

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