Record and Relive Your Entire Life!

The problem with our fancy gadgets and social media is that it’s now easier than ever to get lost in documenting experiences rather than just experiencing them! While you’re clicking the record button, life is passing you by! This far-out video recording concept, the Nikon LIN, aims to capture life’s experiences without distraction, allowing the user to live freely and relive the experience later in 3D. How?! With a flying camera that floats above your head and wearable glasses cam that together see everything you see! DO WANT!

The system actually consists of two elements- the first is the flying cam that captures 360 degree views in 3D, and the other is a wearable pin-cam that records experiences from the user’s perspective.

Designer: Tommaso Gecchelin


  • mif991 says:

    Really cool. I love the micro size flying camera.

  • stephen russell says:

    Other apps for:
    & use std camera, cellphone for pics too.
    have flashdrive to download to PC etc.

    How much, when & where & can system integrate with Google Glass??

  • Yes, Stephen, your are right. There are plenty of possible apps.

    The micro flying quadricopter drones tech already exists and also the “pelican” dot cameras used in the flying recorder.

    The real bottleneck is the battery life of the flying cam.
    According to IBM battery research timeline, I’ve calculated that
    the commercial price availability will be around 2020-2025.

  • bz says:

    this is a really futuristic and cool idea – i like it. but, taking weather into account, that little flying camera can be easily whisked away. also, what if someone just knocks it from above your head and damages it? or maybe steals it?

  • @bz

    Quad-copters stability is far better at smaller dimension. (calculations done) This mean that, if the weather leave you alive, the device will work properly.

    If some one steals it, you immediately have the 3D recording of the entire crime scene in your cloud storage. (and continuously GPS feedback)
    Very easy to catch the thief. 😉

    And the flying device has also a collision avoidance system.

    I suggest you to deepen the autonomous flying quad-copter drones topic.

  • dave says:

    Nice looking

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