The Carry Pill

Mainly intended for the silver generation, I love the simplicity of the Convenient Pill Box. It combines the convinence of carrying your daily meds with a PET water bottle by integrating as bottle cap. The shape is ergonomic and makes it easy to open the bottle and the “Date Setting” on the pill box prevents the users from taking the expired pills. Easy and awesome!

Designers: Hsiang-Han Hsu, Tzu-I Wen, Jhih-Jie Wang & Yih-Wenn Luo


  • Nol says:

    To be honest: looks far too clumsy to be practical.

  • Mike says:

    its huge!!

  • flawesome says:

    This is ridiculous. A date setting to prevent people from taking expired meds…? How long are people keeping meds in this thing? “The transparent PP material includes Nano painting…”? Do these designers even know what they’re talking about in regards to usage and materials? And the way it screws onto a bottle…it looks heavier than the bottle! Why is a box that holds pills so large??

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