A’ Design Awards & Competition 2013 – Call for Submissions

In my interview with Yves Béhar, he told me that taking part in design competitions is a good thing for designers from two perspectives. One, you get to measure yourself in comparison to others from the same stream and two, you get evaluated by creditable people from the industry and thus your claim to fame is a validated one. This and many other reasons make it important for you as a designers to consider taking part in the 2013 A’ Design Awards & Competition.

If you think of it as a branding process then, A’ Design Awards provides you with all the key tools; you stand to benefit from the exhibition, the yearbook inclusion, the extensive PR machinery put in place and publicity. Not to forget, the world design rankings inclusion and the gala night for networking. Have a look at some previous gala night pictures here.

There are many categories that are available, but the hottest of them all are Product Design, Transportation Design, Lighting, Digital Devices and Packaging Design Category; pick your best!

The vision of A’ Design Awards s to highlight, advertise and advocate good design, designers and design oriented companies. They strive to channel the attention of press, interactive media, design critics, distributers and buyers to the award winner. You can know more here.

To sum it up, the A’Design Award and Competition is for designers, innovators and companies that want to highlight themselves to attract the attention of media, publishers and buyers. Registrations are currently open and the deadline for submission is February 28, 2013. You can register here and learn more about the process here.

Winners will get early communication on March 7, 2013, and results will be announced to public on April 15, 2013 when the award winners’ exhibition starts. The results will be posted on Yanko Design on the 15th of April, 2013. An outlook of the 2012 winners is available here.