The Most Awesome Multi-tool Sheath

I was a hardcore Tim Allen addict during his Home Improvement days. What fascinated me at that time was the myriad of tools that he had easy access to. I also learned that you never mess with a man and his handy tools! Which is why I totally get the fundamentals behind the Skinth, a slim but capable multi-tool sheath.

Designed to articulate and organize your handy tools in an array of pockets, the Skinth is crafted from the ground up making it easily customizable. The pet of every gadget guru, the pockets in this sheath are versatile enough to accommodate both devices and tools.


  • Skinths are made from 1000D Classic CORDURA, high-density nylon webbing, and the strongest available (yet economical) hardware.
  • Customizable options include stainless steel belt clips to MOLLE compatible webbing.
  • Each Skinth typically has a main cavity for a Multitool or digital device and two slimmer pockets for flashlights, pens, wrenches, screwdrivers etc.
  • Additional buckles, clips, mounting options and pockets can be incorporated thanks to the customization option.
  • Skinth parts and patterns are laser cut for the ultimate in precision and textile edge durability.

Essentially, small multi-tools are a fantastic option when compared to those bulky tool kits. To ensure your handy tool-kit stays together, Skinth organizes and makes them ready to be used at the flip of a flap!

I love this true-story of a plumber who swears by customized Skinth XL. Our real-life Mario has easy access to 30 tools ranging from a Victorinox Swiss Spirit MT to a pair of 4” channel lock pliers, and 90% of the time he completes his job faster because he doesn’t have to head back to the truck and retrieve more tools.

Job done faster = efficiency + lower costs! Mr. Plumber, I need your number now!

One last thing, every Sunday Skinth releases a Sunday Prototype, which is basically a new model or an existing model with modifications, custom work, or a current model with a new color option, showcased. I am looking forward to this Sunday, for all you know they may have a YD special! Find them on Facebook here.

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