The MOOBY (a word play on mobility) single-speed bike reimagines the structure of the urban commuter as a paneled, modular system that makes it possible to easily re-skin your ride with personalized graphics. Switch out the side plates to change the color, material and overall look to suite your own unique taste and mood. The hope: that more riders will be drawn to the fashionable style and opt for 2 wheels over 4!

Designer: Madella Simone


  • Quintin Smits says:

    Looks cool, but there is a reason why these rim-axle/bearing type wheels are never used in real bikes.

    Imagine how much more friction that large bearing (the entire wheel rim has to be a bearing!) would create compared to a small bearing in the center of a wheel.

    Besides that, have you ever ridden a racing/time trial/whatever this is -type bike? These thin/fragile wheels warp easily. Even a tiny warp will make the bike unusable with a rear wheel like this… I do have to admit that a lot of the wheel warping is caused by breaking spokes, what won’t happen here, but still… One curb and your wheel won’t turn anymore.
    With a regular bike/wheel, you’ll at least be able to get home…

  • John Vinceace says:

    Is it me or they only worked on nice shapes ? It looks really unconfortable

  • tam says:

    you need a huge gear-system to be able to ride if you don’t have propeller-legs… and this gear-system adds more weight and more friction…
    But this has been written already – to EVERY such design…

  • Jo says:

    This looks really cool but I would be terrified because I’d probably feel like I was going to fall face first the whole time riding.

  • Mzungu54 says:

    It looks cool, but here is why it won’t work:

    1. Unable to change seat height.

    2. Hub-less wheel? Have you ever purchase a bearing the size of 700c wheel? Believe me I looked it up once for work, they are expensive.

    3. Rider won’t be able to stand with the bike underneath them at traffic stops.

  • Mike says:

    this bike looks amazing, built for speed looking at the design, love the individual parts and their shapes which all seems to seamlessly flow beautifully, would love to see it in action though more imagery here, be great to have one to pop down to the shop for bread and milk!be some head turner

  • zulu says:

    like 99% of design concept , looks good in render but nobody would produce it. Because its full of failures.

  • patrakit says:

    Totally agree/ this is style over matter.

  • wulimin says:

    this bike looks cool and unbelievable,and the shapes is beautiful,but it also have some failures,i don’t know it how to work.

  • guxiaoxing says:

    The sculpt of the bike seems so cool! And the concept that overall look can be changed at one’s own will just like phone sets is worth mentioning. But from the ergonomics of view, it is not convenient and comfortable for the man to ride because the seat height is unable to change. Besides, I’m so confused that whether a tiny wary will make the bike usable with a rear wheel like this…

  • wuyinjie says:

    I am agree with you ,the seat is too high and it will be uncomfortable for users.

  • vincentgy says:

    I think it can be used with such wheel, but it’s very hard to ride absolutly. Nody would like to ride!How crazy!

  • Wrecker1214 says:

    looks like Tron has met some economical problems.

  • Ed says:

    um… the gearing would mean if you pedalled normally, the bike would go backwards… just saying

  • soufiane says:

    maybe we can make possible to change the axe that will be a good idee, front to shift the weight to go faster, and back to break if it necessary.

  • lolyousuck says:

    this isn’t a bike, it’s a bicycle shaped object. Complete rubbish, think you should change your site tagline to “Form over Function.”

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