A Handy Pen for the Hands-on Lifestyle


Put your fingers together as if you’re holding an imaginary pen and observe the negative space. It’s triangular. However most pens are circular. Triangular pens feel ergonomically comfortable, circular pens feel wholesome and exude power. The Pen Article 1.0 does both.

The Pen Article’s semi-circular design feels good to grip as it gives your thumb or your index finger a flat surface to rest itself on, making the grip feel reliable and comfortable. It additionally even prevents the pen from rolling off flat surfaces. The Pen Article 1.0’s stainless steel body feels premium to the touch and for people who aren’t a fan of glossy metal (it gathers fingerprints), the pen even comes with its own bead-blasted anodized matte black version who’s texture feels great to the touch.

The pen’s full metal construction feels heavy (45g) and robust, which is great for confident strokes. Its universal design can fit up to 25 types of refills (there’s a brand-list on the Kickstarter page). Assembly is easy, with the tip of the pen sliding off to reveal space for a refill on the inside. The cap of the pen comes with a magnetic fit that snaps onto the pen’s tip with a satisfying click (it’s as addictive as a fidget toy). Once snapped, the pen’s integrated unibody-esque design fits gracefully into your pocket, or rests confidently on your desk!

Designer: Nina Lee of Article Brand

BUY NOW: $60.00 $75.00



Standard Grip:

i) Observe how the curve part of the pen will fit on the curvature of the space between the thumb and the index finger (Purlicue),

ii) how the thumb lies on the flat side of the curve (short side), and

iii) how the index finger rests comfortably on the larger straight side (long side).

Tip: This grip is usually for those who takes frequent notes.


Engineer’s Grip:

i) Observe how the curve of the index finger fits on the curve side of the pen,

ii) how the tip of the index finger lies on the flat side of the curve (short side), and

iii) how the thumb rests on the larger straight side (long side) of the pen

Tip: This grip is suitable for technical drawings, marking straight lines and angles.


Calligraphy Grip:

i) Even with this unique grip style, observe how the curve of every finger lies comfortably on the curve part of the pen, and

ii) the thumb is supported on the flat side (long side) of the pen.

Tip: Great for lighter strokes







BUY NOW: $60.00 $75.00