Improve Your Mental Agility

Heard of the “pomodoro” technique? It’s all the rage amongst PhD’s, academics, and students all over the world! This tool, called the Pomodorogon, enhances the visual and physical aspects of the technique, using an action and visual cue to create a rhythmic working pattern. It’s also double-sided, so you can take it to a pomodoro group, or sit opposite a like-minded co-worker. It will help you get into the rhythm of the technique, and motivate you to complete whole cycles at a time!

The pomodoro technique is a time management tool that is used to increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace. it breaks down workflow into several key elements: planning, tracking, recording, processing and visualizing. The technique uses a time breakdown in order to encourage efficiency: 4 working periods (each 25 minutes) with 5 minutes of rest in between. at the end of the fourth period, an extended break of 25 minutes is allowed before starting the cycle again.

The Pomodorogon focuses on the visual and tracking aspects of this technique, creating visual and physical connections through object and movement with the pomodoro workflow. The user rotates the shape at the beginning and end of each interval. 8 sides, 8 periods of time. When the unit is on a number: 25 minutes of work. When the unit is on the arrow: 5 minutes of rest. The arrow after the fourth working period signifies the extended 25 minute break.

Designer: Jon Liow


  • Juan G. says:

    This is really awesome and relevant for me. I’ve been trying to adopt Pomodoro, but always forget to take time and so on.

  • Jess K says:

    It looks a great way to keep track of what pomodoro you’re up to and the breaks in between. The pomodora is a good technique to use but can be hard to mainttain. I think this is a good tool to use! Are they for sale? and how big are they?

  • Yasir says:

    I do the pomodoro cycles! I use my iphone app to time myself, but I always forget how many cycles I’ve done. Unashamed nerd! This would be cool on the library desk !

  • james says:

    At first glance I thought this was a timer – which would be cool. But anyway there are lots of apps out there. This is good because it promotes physical movement and visual with the pomodoro training. Its a mental rhythm and this would be helpful for that. Would be cool if you can customise a pattern on it to, so everyone has a custom one on their desk.

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