Tesla E-Max Motorbike

In standing with the name it carries, the Tesla E-max is a far-out but awesome electric motorbike concept that features modern technologies and an unforgettable aesthetic. To supplement power to its 2 independent motors located in each wheel, the body is covered in a top layer of piezolectric material that converts compression strength into electricity and a second layer of Halite fiber that converts human heat. Pretty wild!

Designer: Madella Simone


  • igorchak says:

    isn’t Halite a fancy word for salt? salt fiber “/ ???

  • George says:

    I want to see the ergonomic study.

  • MDesigns says:

    “converts human heat” into how much energy?…… I am with George on this one.
    The sketches are pretty but the claims are so unsubstatiated. I cannot take it seriously.

  • Pascal says:

    “that converts compression strength”. Yes, but how ? Where do you sit ? It doesn’t look very comfortable…

  • 尚舒妍 says:


  • santelices says:

    Designers and thinkers don’t throw ideas to the air like that, explain, convince, show, argue, retrofit with more knowledge and conquer, please delight us with magic and explain in detail how this contraption works, why should we pay attention to it.

  • Buddha says:

    I’m sorry but i just can’t visualise where the rider will sit? I’m a biker so thought I’d get it but just don’t. Also really don’t understand how it works, please explain, pretty visuals and clever words don’t answer the basic questions here.

  • jesus says:

    nice fairy tail

  • nicolulu says:

    I think the designer who did this has never rode a bike. Driver position is just impossible.

    But nice design 🙂

  • cdog says:

    Even if it’s pie in the sky, it’s a deeply sumptuous slice.

  • Paul Vans says:

    Nice looking bike, wouldnt mind one but I bet its a lot of money

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