Computing Is Entertainment

Insights to the paradigm shift in home computing have led to the development of the Microsoft KeyFlex. The device is a modern way to epitomize home computing with organic manipulations to the keyboard like instead of just pressing buttons the user has to bend, squeeze, twist and flex the device. To elaborate further, instead of tapping the “volume up” key several times you just bend the device upwards.


  • The device can be bent upwards and downwards to raise/lower volume.
  • By pressing a “modifier-key” at the same time the action of bending gets assigned to another function (for example fast forwarding a movie).
  • The device can also be twisted to for example pause or escape.
  • When using social media the user can squeeze either the right or left side to “share” or “like”.
  • Under the smooth surface lies an E-ink touch screen and a piezo-actuator.
  • Etchings in the surface surround important functions but other than that the whole interface is screen based.
  • This means that you can customize the keyboard layout, language, font size and so on very easily.

Designer: Victor Johansson