A Different Camera Perspective

The FANs Cam is a pint-sized camera that brings more to the table than being just a spectator. The mini camera clips onto the collar of a sports player’s uniform and hooks up a livefeed to the fan on the stands. It gives the fan a perspective of the game that they’ve never experienced before. The video is accessible after a simple scan of the QR code printed on the back of the game’s ticket. You get the option of picking your favorite player using the smart phone, and get instant access to what that player sees.

It even functions as a performance recorder for the athletes; they can play back the recorded videos to review the game. Athletes or the coaches can then identify their strengths and weaknesses and develop their training program accordingly. Coaches could also alter their team’s strategy mid-game based on views from different players.

The camera is user-safe and crafted with an exterior shell made of rubber. It is made from a lightweight and elastic clip form and the aluminium offers thermal conductivity. Energy is provided by a high-power thermoelectric chip, which generates power both from the athlete’s body and the ambient temperature.

FANs Cam is a 2012 red dot award: design concept entry.

Advisor: Prof. Huang Shyh-Jier

Designers: Sheng-Hung Lee & Chan Wai Yeh

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Xl9PnZjq8U 600 451]


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