The Levitating Greek God of Speakers!


For a company called crazybaby, these guys sure know how to make insane products! Known to be a pioneer for futuristic audio, the guys at crazybaby have developed an absolutely mind-bendingly awesome speaker design and they call it Mars. Designed as one speaker unit, but with two parts, the Mars comprises a lower woofer block, and an upper levitating disc that churns out beautifully crisp mids and highs. On the inside, the Mars ensures that it isn’t just a floating gimmick. Well executed tech ensures near-lossless audio reproduction, while making the speaker completely waterproof (yeah! believe it!).

Even with the slick black design and the levitating act, the Mars isn’t futuristic enough! The UFO on top has an LED strop running around the periphery so that along with your unbelievable audio experience, you also have an out-of-the-world visual experience!

Designer: Crazybaby Studio

Buy It Here: $274.99 $329.00