This detachable mouse + VR controller combo is what Metaverse applications demand

Virtual reality and augmented reality are seeping slowly into our lives, affecting the way we interact with our environment. This has changed the complexion of accessories we own, and again, the way we are used to interacting with them. Take for example the good old mouse – which comes in options including ones dedicated for gaming, editing, ambidextrous ones, or ones that come for dedicated left- or right-hand use.

Now, Metaverse adds another dimension to the already diverse VR applications. This is where the Mozer Mouse designed by Suosi Design comes into the picture with multiple-use freedom, both for computer applications as well as VR applications and gaming. The mouse is suited for any kind of scenario – be it creating content on PC or strolling in 3D virtual reality. Mozer is designed in a way to make the switch from one application to another contrasting application, virtually seamlessly.

Designer: Suosi Design

The design studio has cleverly crafted the shape of the peripheral to perform the VR function for 360 degrees of freedom, and back to a normal mouse use when working on your PC. The VR controller bit of the Mozer Mouse easily detaches from the main housing and easily pairs with compatible accessories. This is where the laser scanner of the mouse and the On/Off toggle button lies. So, when tethered to the base, it acts like any other mouse with the optical scanner and toggle buttons in the desired position.

The design has a very practical essence to it since it solves multiple purposes with a very simple clean innovation that doesn’t disrupt the inherent purpose of the peripheral in any way. Perhaps we are going to see more accessories evolve into such modular forms as the Metaverse craze catches the masses!