Miravac is Roomba’s equally powerful and feature-rich, but much more affordable, cousin

Roomba may have been the first ever robot vacuum, but Miravac announced its entry to this space with the introduction of its Loop and Swerve models. Miravac is the perfect balance of quality engineering and affordability designed to be the ultimate in home cleaning technology.

Miravac’s robot vacuums boast one of the most powerful motors on the market for consistent performance and reliable suction on tough areas. With a pressure of up to 1800 Pa, the HyperClean suction will securely and rigorously collect dust and tiny particles to keep floors immaculately clean. The Turbo Suction mode on Miravacrobots are the most powerful in their class.

Miravac robovacs can be programmed to sweep and mop your room in various patterns. The vacuum cleaner runs autonomously, and can be programmed to schedule cleaning times either using controls on the vacuum’s docking station or via the handheld remote control. Miravac robot vacuums can run for nearly 2 hours on a single charge before returning to the charging dock after a cycle has been completed or the unit is out of battery.

The built-in hair and dust sensor can detect the dirtiest parts of the floor and focus cleaning in those areas making this perfect for pet owners, while the slim form-factor allows it to slide under couches and beds with ease. All your dust collects within a removable tray that you simply empty out once the robot has finished cleaning. Using the room containment sensor, an invisible wall can be created to prevent the robot vacuum from crossing into a designated containment area.

Miravac’s robot vacuums come in two separate variants and are designed for all surfaces. The Loop model vacuums as well as dry mops the floor while the Swerve can vacuum-clean and optimally clean thick carpets. The powerful suction, attractive price point, clean design and rich features establish Loop and Swerve as one of the best inclass. With its current early-bird pricing on Indiegogo, they cost around the same as a pair of Airpods.

Designer: Miravac

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MIRAVAC – Affordable Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Loop & Swerve are two state-of-the-art autonomous cleaning solutions for your home or office. Robotic vacuums with powerful turbo suction at an incredible price.

MIRAVAC robotic vacuum cleaners come in two models: Loop (designed for all surfaces with a mopping option) and Swerve (designed for all surfaces and optimal thick carpet cleaning).

You can choose your desired cleaning pattern that most suits your space, OR you can put the robot on AUTO cleaning mode and let it do the job for you.

Hair and Dust Sensor

The Dust Sensor feature detects the dirtiest parts of the floor and guides the robot to spend more time cleaning those parts. Perfect for pet owners who need to clean their space from pet hair on a daily basis.

Powerful Turbo Suction

With a pressure of 1800 Pa, the HyperClean suction will securely and rigorously collect dust and tiny particles to keep floors immaculately clean. The Turbo Suction mode of MIRAVAC robots are the most powerful in their class.

Adaptive Technology

The Smart Adaptive Detection System adequately equips MIRAVAC robots for automated cleaning and charging for any home or office floors: hardwood, carpet or tile. With the height of 3.15”, MIRAVAC robots can also clean under your objects and furniture.

Anti-Cliff Sensor

With sensors that detect cliffs, MIRAVAC robots are able to avoid cliffs and unexpected drops.


With the smart adaptive system for any environment, great suction power from 800 Pa to 1800 Pa, and contour following nozzle to ensure accurate cleaning results, LOOP is the most affordable advanced robotic vacuum for thin carpet and hard floors on the market.

Three-Stage Cleaning

– Dual rotating brushes vigorously sweep dirt and dust into the vacuum’s patch.
– The debris are then securely trapped using its dynamic vacuum motor.
– The click-on mopping pad collects even the finest dust particles to leave floors spotless.

Optional Mopping Pads

LOOP comes with Dry Mop Pads to be attached to the robot for shiny cleaning performance.

The sleek design of the SWERVE model makes a great looking cleaning companion at your home or office.

Carpet Cleaning

SWERVE comes with large wheels and a multi-surface roller brush that will pick up any large debris on the floor. This helps with the optimal deep cleaning of thick carpets and rugs.

Invisible Wall

Contains the vacuum within the desired space blocked by an invisible wall, available only for the SWERVE model.

Timed Cleaning

Easily schedule cleaning time for 30, 45, or 60 minutes with the button on the device or through the remote control. You can also set a cleaning time with the 24H button on the docking station.

Control your LOOP OR SWERVE from a distance – Start and stop, change cleaning patterns, times, and types with a click of a button. OR guide your vacuum along a particular path with manual directional controls. You can also easily direct it back to the charging station with one click.

Recharging Station

With the docking button, the robot can go back to its charging station to recharge the battery on its own.

Below: Specs

Click Here to Buy Now: $178 $299 (40% off).