The Sewing Machine Has Been Beautifully Redesigned


Sewing machines are often used to create stylish, fashionable and striking items of clothing, so it’s only right that the sewing machine compliments the outfits that it produces, right? Well, we think so, and luckily so did Onurhan Demir, who has successfully brought the humble sewing machine into 2018!

Using the same inner workings as its oldest ancestors, the Sewing.Pro does not require energy to be operated, and instead relies on a manual effort to get the job done. This creates a beautiful juxtaposition between traditional mechanical engineering and sleek modern aesthetics.

The clear and tactile dials make Sewing.Pro easy to operate, this is only enhanced by the lack of electronic interruption the daunting plethora of settings that comes with modern machines. And with a range of color options to choose from, the user is bound to find a machine that best reflects their personality and style!

Designer: Onurhan Demir