Digital Masseuse

eSSage is a massage suit that makes it possible to receive a massage from a  trained specialist or even a loved one no matter the distance. The suit connects through WiFi and uses an Apple/Android app that lets the person on the other end use a stylus to control the suit’s electro-active polymer nodes that change shape when hit with an electrical charge. Create a custom massage of your own or let the “masseur” work out those knots!

Designer: André Cofield


  • MD says:

    Would be great to see Chinese acupressure energy flows built into the design of this. Not sure how far along the technology is to make this a feasible product though… It would need some form of muscular feedback as well to adjust pressure and identify bodily/posture weaknesses. Love the direction!! I’d buy one!

  • Jason Scott says:

    a full body massage Sounds pretty good, but I wonder what the sticker price will be?

    Also, if the massage suits creates a happy ending it could create problems 🙂

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