Cup Burns

Burning Cup offers a solution to reheating or microwaving your tepid coffee (or beverage) and losing its flavor. The cup prevents the drink from cooling down due to heat release to the outside. It uses sodium acetate to get the heat going. This what the designer says, “The sodium acetate contained in the inside of the cup design can regulate the heat of beverage. The liquid solution breaks the balance of liquid state with a tiny impact and hardens it solid, and it then generates heat momentarily.”

This heat generated by such an impact maintains the temperature of the beverage in the cup for a longer period of time. Every time you feel the beverage going a bit cold, simply crackle the sodium acetate from the outside once again and restart the heating process.

Designer: Ryan Jongwoo Choi


  • iperpaolo says:

    but you can use only once ! is throwaway, aluminium, plastic, silicon.. 3 different material+ an object that you can use and then put in the trash= no design , bad bad project

  • cmtk says:

    lol “which one is a better choice”?
    in what context?

    environmentally? – microwave

    reusability? – microwave (you can heat up any container any time, but with these packets you can only this device or something similar)

    not to mention that a microwave is so popular that almost every building has it and it can heat up anything for however long you need it to

  • Replied says:

    If you actually read it properly, after you click it goes hard and hot then the heat of the beverage turns it back into liquid again so you can reuse it. Good project even though stolen.

  • darkmoth38 says:

    actually, i agree sodum acetate has a freezing point of 140F. therefore, in order to reuse it, you would have have to have the outside “reset heat” source above 140 to reset the sodum acetate. I.E. youd have to boil the cup in water to wake it work again after use. and since noone can actually drink 140F liquid, cause they would die… or have serious internal burns so inevitability, i say bad design. easier to just use the microwave.

  • Not to mention the use of Graphene in a coffee cup. This is exactly where I need cutting edge Nano materials. NOT!

    WTF were you thinking? Why not use aluminium+epoxy? Transfers heat more than adequately and costs next to nothing.

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