Keep Cool with This Cool Device


In the hot and uncomfortable weather than many of us are currently experiencing, the humble fan suddenly becomes our undisputed best friend. But it’s fair to say that the majority of fans aren’t too easy on the eyes. However, this certainly can’t be said for Mi Mini Fan, which brings a unique form and quirky design to the table!

The fan sits within a, relatively plain-looking, square surround. But this surround holds a secret; a split line runs horizontally along its center, when folded it reveals two concealed hinges and a stand is quickly formed. This neat design allows Mi Mini to become a shapeshifter and makes it fit for more than one environment; in its standard, flat position it can be suspended elegantly from a hook on the wall, and when split it becomes an ever-important, portable desk fan!

Mi Mini beautifully demonstrates how an inconspicuous design feature can transform a product!

Designer: Tim Chen