No Green Thumb Needed

These days, very few people have the outdoor space to garden and grow their own herbs for cooking. The sleek BB Little Garden was designed with urban dwellers in mind and makes it possible to have fresh herbs all year round. Aesthetically and functionally, it’s more like a modern appliance and will blend perfectly in any kitchen.

Designer: François-Xavier Martouzet


  • Brie says:

    This is much more attractive than my aerogarden.

  • A bit more about my concept :

    “Cooking is an act of creation, sharing and exchange.”

    This project proposes to support this new use that provide a fuller sensory cooking experience.
    BB Little garden is a radiant growing lamp, wanting to revisit the place of aromatic plants inside the kitchen. It is a volume with clear lines, as a true minimalist object. The sleek design has been especially studied to adapt to a variety of indoor environments and give a special note to the kitchen.
    BB Little garden is a framework for plants, its pure line magnifies them and does not disturb the reading.

    This project aims to bring in the kitchen the soul of a dish, the aromatics plants. They usually come as dehydrated leaves or are in the garden.
    More than just putting the herbs close to you , cooking is a question of feeling and sensation. That’s why BB Little garden integrates a scratcher : you can then touch the plant, scratch it, smell it and taste it.

    Because cooking is a distraction for everyone with no discrimination, the piece used to scratch the leaf is the plant’s name in Braille.
    On one side you will find a label with the plant’s name for the ludic part and on the other side that is in Braille that can be used as a scratcher.

  • Kimberley Pastirik says:

    Where can I buy these? I need MANY (50+)

  • Where can I buy these?

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