Slim n Sleek Helium

Helium ‘The Easy Phone’ is quite something! It is slim and sleek, almost like a candy bar. The main purpose behind its ideation is to provide a handy device for hardcore business folks who need a phone to call. This is the reason why there was only a front camera incorporated initially. However market diktats have forced in some key essentials like a 5 – MP rear camera and quad headphones. Have look inside….

Designer: Imran Sheikh for The Power Machines



  • Teto says:

    Easy??!!what about numbers?132 465 798….and the arris? is not confortable in your pocket. the keybord? has no touch feedback, from render i can see it’s a smooth surface..i’m sorry but is not a good design man

  • Duane R says:

    Nice, sleek design.

  • Simon says:

    Obviously designed by someone not needing reading glasses and not wanting to sell the product to that market. The design is excellent but for quite a limited market.

  • Bradley says:

    ICS with multi touch on a 200*400 screen? Good luck seeing anything with your fingers there

  • Mike says:

    Sorry to disappoint the “designer” but this phone is really ugly and the usability is on negative side from any point of view. When you talk about business, especially the hardcore ones, “getting things easy done and fast” is one of the main concept to be implemented – in this phone is nowhere.

  • yuno says:

    l bet this “designer” never used a smart phone. there are too many things wrong with phone to even bother explaining what they are.

  • k9 says:

    good thought but i feel
    its not 132 465 798
    its 12 3 45 6 78 9 *# 0 the arrangement nice to avoid mobile gaming(by kids & friends)
    it would need a couple of hours for getting used to…

    and i went to designer site the display is some super resistive(not capacitive) so it can be used by any external stylus.. anyways touchscreen would be used for occasional turbo in “Asphalt”

    thoughtful sleek design bro, i would like to have something like this in pocket

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