An Intuitive Kettle

The Celsius Kettle features a very intuitive design that looks at improving the efficiency in use and the over-all user experience in design. Employing both red and blue lights as temperature indicators, the controls linked to lighting systems inform the user about the stage of the heating process. The grip of the kettle has been designed to keep aesthetics and ergonomics in tact.

As Craig explains, “The design utilizes an induction heating system, which is built into the lower section of the kettle with power being supplied from the base. This heating method removes need for heating rails as the heating element is a stainless steel plate at the base of the water chamber, this also aids cleaning as it is a flat surface and the build-up of lime scale will be reduced.”

Designer: Craig Thurston



  • gimilk says:

    you see by the steam if the wasser is boiling, no need for LED crap

  • Shik-kai says:

    Love the Idea, just make sure this puppy doesnt leak

  • david fawkes says:

    this is a good design as it is easy to see when to stop filling if you want to heat only one cup of water. Saves wasting electricity.
    Would it be simpler if all the elecritics where in the bottom half. Would bodium be intersted in this design. I think it could be lighter and even smaller, may be a straight cylinder shape like a bodium coffee jug.

  • Biri Mizrahi says:

    Where can I purchase this kettle?

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