Personal Flotation Device

The PFD by Sanu K R is designed to be almost unrecognizable as a life preserver. The device looks more like a stylish bag strap or necklace but inflate it and you’ve got a functional floaty that holds the wearer upright in the water to facilitate proper breathing. To inflate, simply pull the chain the break the lock- if you do wear it as a necklace just be careful not to snag it on anything!

Designer: Sanu K R


  • sodakar says:

    Just make sure you never wear it under any clothing; no idea how much pressure this is supposed to have, but if this happens to inflate while it’s under a T-shirt or something, and you’ll likely asphyxiate from the inflation of the tube and subsequent, final compression of your lungs.

  • Jimmy C says:

    Huh. Clever!

  • secretmanofagent says:

    If it’s unrecognizable as a flotation device, how are people supposed to know to put it on?

  • GL says:

    If it is for personal use the user probably knows what he/she is buying.

    Different story if it is for public use for emergency but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

  • Oscar daws says:

    You have to put your arms over the band before you inflate it, during which time it can sink. It will probably just float off without you or sink to the bottom in an emergency or man overboard!

  • Sanu K R says:

    The product is basically used for self rescue and if you need to rescue someone else,just simply inflate it first by breaking the lock and then throw to the person in the water.

  • Dan says:

    Might be worth calculating the volume of air needed to keep a human body buoyant? That looks like it would struggle to keep a small dog afloat.

  • Lee says:

    Yeah,the idea is cool . But maybe someone has used the concept.

  • JAH says:

    Living on the ocean, I hear each year of the deaths of people of all ages and physical ability from rip tides, Weekend and vacation warriors who are not knowledgeable of how often and numerous they are. This concept has a huge market. Contact me!!

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