Double – No Trouble!

Duo is an innovative tap mixer with two functional spouts. The downward pour is ideal for hand washing and the upward stream, for brushing teeth. I can even squeeze in washing face and gulping a sip of water to the list but that’s about it. What I really like is the flexibility offered without adding confusion to how the tap operates. Hot, cold, up and down…all done intuitively.

Designer: Daniel So



  • anoush m says:

    love it

  • Jimmy C says:

    Ingenious! I’d love this in my house, I drink from the tap all the time.

  • chris says:

    Interesting idea. I like the shape and why not have 2 outlets.
    I would however challenge the soundness of the mechanical part. I understand the principal of tilting the handle front and back, but I do not see how you can mix hot / cold water in this system. I guess you would need a non standard special ceramic cartridge
    Your explanation are welcome 🙂

  • coz says:

    >up and down…all done intuitively

    except that down makes the water go up and up makes the water go down..

  • Hatillari says:

    Very innovative

  • Justin says:

    Tapi is an attachment to regular water fountains that I believe eliminates the need for a replacement like this

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