Finger Lock the Door

Grabit is a door handle fitted with a fingerprint scanner. The door opens only if it recognizes the fingerprint, however that’s not the coolest part. What makes this design plausible and functional is the position of the scanner. It’s placed at the most ergonomically viable place, making the act of opening (or locking) a door, very fluid.

Designer: Donguk Seo


  • Teto says:

    great project!!good job man

  • Jeremy says:

    what if you lose your hands?

  • Emmo709 says:

    Teeth recognition, could be an optional extra

  • sam says:

    it’s drastic thinking~

  • HappyFace says:

    Door handle that needs to be turned with your eye, NOW that is genius, jk jk. Really nice idea tho

  • James says:

    For me personally, I couldn’t see anywhere that you’d need this. At home, it wouldn’t be needed obviously. In an office, people often have card swipe barriers or a door that uses as regular key to get in anyway. And they’re not going to put 100s of people’s finger prints on file with the changing of staff as often as offices do etc. So I’d like to know where this type of door handle would be used. The idea is lovely, I just don’t get what door would need it. Also for me, when in public places and buildings, even at work, I never touch door handles with my bare hands. There’s too many dirty people who don’t wash after going to the toilet so this would force me to put my hand on someone else’s urine. Probably just my own issue really and not something a product designer would think of but still, something to think about.

    • mark says:

      I have an autistic 18 year old son who breaks keys on the front door lock. This sort of thing would be ideal for me. I wouldn’t have to leave work early just let him in. I suppose I could just leave the house unlocked!

  • Jan Erlandsen says:

    @James: Couldn’t agree with you more. I’m feeling less and less compelled to even visit Yanko these days. Is there some way to fight this?

    • George says:

      I would use these at home to help protect from robbery the more doors they have to get through the better I say and it would save on a load of keys for every member of the house grate idea

  • Jan Erlandsen says:

    Um… my comment was regarding spam, but somehow it didn’t get associated with the proper post.

  • Hatillari says:

    Great idea

  • Jimmy C says:

    Brilliant! What sort of computing does it use, though? You’d probably want a failsafe in emergencies.

  • P says:

    How much is this cost?

  • Flo says:

    Something like a personal deposit box u genius…

  • Finger Scan says:

    Wow. It is goog to sharing this topic. Thanks.

  • Jozef says:

    Where can I buy this?!

  • 89149 says:

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