Seesaw Tub!

One of the reasons why my mother can never use the tub for a bath is that her acute arthritis and four lower limb joint replacements restrict her movement. With the Flume Tub I’m sure she will be able to just walk into the bath and use it confidently. The tub works on the principles of a seesaw and is built keeping the safety of people with restricted movements in mind. Awesome!

Flume Bathtub is a 2011 red dot design concept winner.

Designers: Kim Jung Su, Yoon Ji Soo & Kim Dong Hwan


  • a..a says:

    So how do you get out from the tub?

  • propa says:

    this concept just looks like the linked product….

  • Jimmy C says:

    I think it would be easier if the movement of the tub were remote controlled. Also, you would probably need an emergency drain button,just in case.

  • James dean says:

    I think, it is good but I wonder how to get out, and it is really easy to use

  • emmo709 says:


    Although i have nothing to do with anyone who would need to use this product, i thought i’d leave some positive feedback as its pretty negative so far.

    Well done this is a good design in my opinion and answers a genuine need in a far more stylish manner than most of the other disabled baths i’ve seen.

    I assume to get out, you drain the water and the bath will then go back to the entry position allowing the user to get out the same way they got in. The only downside to this i can see is the wait for it to drain.

    Remote control for the bath, well maybe but this compromises the simplicity and almost the whole reason for the seesaw action. Could also lead to it being tipped with water in, keep as it is.

    Ignore propa above, he/she obviously bathes in toilets!

    Your steel grips page has a typo on it, you missed the P on provides. Just so you know.

    Nice work

  • Kodi says:

    Nice work but what if she/he is so fat?. Water may not be enuogh to get balanced..

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  • Ryan says:

    Although interesting, I would experiment with a scale model before solidifying anything. I don’t see the water counterweighting the person, I see it just flowing over the side. If you get a better grasp on the mechanics it’s an interesting idea though.

  • Hernanderson says:

    Nice shape!
    My wife is a wheelchair bound person. So I can see some things to consider. This bathtub is for persons with arm strength capacity.
    Seams best to use with a chair so for safety reasons and considering that the body weight is higher when wet and the surface of the tub will be slippery, is important to include a hook to the wheelchair.
    We are talking about no electricity (good) and no assistance (brave) otherwise forget about the idea.

  • Killian says:

    This is a lawsuit waiting to happen…

  • jung su kim says:

    thank you for advise, and I will remember that you talk me.. thank you agin.

  • jung su kim says:

    Thank for advise. but, How do people uncomfortable arm and a leg to use a bathtub with-out assistance?

  • Anna says:

    I’m very very impressed!

  • Yozaira Soriano says:

    I think this is the most awesomest thing I have ever seen. I have a little cousin who was in a car accident and I was wondering if this is the final design and if so, will it be available for purchase anytime soon?

  • Tammy says:

    I think this is a great design. My son would never be able to enter the tub on his own, but it would be easier for us to get him in and out. I would like to see a lap safety belt as a optional accessory. With multiple children in my home, it would allow for me to not have to remove our heavy bath lift every time one of them needs to get in the tub or the tub needs cleaned.

  • Stacey says:

    We own a plumbing company and are very intrested in your bath tub. My mother in law is in a wheel chair and I can really see the benefit and feel that other people will as well. How do we contact you about the purchase of or sales of the flume bathtub?

  • DAVe says:

    SO AWESOME! As an leg amputee I have lost the ability to bathe without assistance and long for just such a product as yours. I fear cost preventing purchase but it would be so grand! Simple design. How does plumbing connect and remain flexible without leaks? If you have no need for such a product as this you cannot understand how important it can be to those of us who need it!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Hi as know someone who has a disability this rub looks wonderful my mom can’t get in a tub that is extremely low this looks perfect. My only question when will it be on the market?

  • Karen Griffee says:

    I certainly hope this is not in production, nor ever will be. Most people who use a wheelchair cannot just lift their legs up, as would be necessary to enter the tub. How is the bather supposed to reach the faucets? This looks much too dangerous and I doubt it would ever be approved for use in USA.

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  • joie says:

    Jung Sue Kim, I really like your concept but I would add one thing. For those who do not have the arm strength to pull themselves back out and into the wheelchair, perhaps add a sling with a back on it that is remote controlled so they can get back into their wheelchair, especially if they live alone or the person they live with does not have the strength to pull them back into the wheelchair.

  • Fiona Chow says:

    Really a great design !

    Is it available to get this tub?

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