High-tech Bag Tag

One of the most frustrating things of air travel is to wait by crowded conveyer belts for your baggage to arrive. Besides, one time I almost walked out with someone else’s bag, mistaking it for mine! To avoid such situations, I reckon the Tag Finder can come very handy. The nametag part is attached to your luggage and a ‘finder’ tab stays with you. When the two are in range, the bag-tag automatically detects the counterpart and beeps it a signal for easy location. It is an ideal solution, however given the sense of heightened security measures in place these days at airports, I doubt we will be able to use such products.

Tag Finder is a 2011 iF concept design entry.

Designer: Donguk Seo


  • Maryline says:

    I like the concept but what happens when everyone’s bag start beeping at baggage claim because everyone is standinf around the belt waiting for their luggage. All bags will beep at the same time making it useless.

  • Kid says:

    ^— Yup. Cool though.

  • Jimmy C says:

    Huh. Good point. Oh well.

  • Looks cool but then again, like you said, securities might get alarmed when they hear your bag beeping. This is a good gadget when you want to avoid taking someone else’s bag, though.

  • svito55 says:

    ditto! the dreaded wait at the luggage carousel,
    the last hurdle of your flight before you can finally jump on a cab and go home, brilliantly enhanced by yet one more electronic cacophony!!
    I can’t wait.

  • sharkman says:

    I think to make this product will cost more than solve this situation .”automatically detect” is not a cheap technology

  • Souslapper says:

    I would say that your comment is very true. But you could solve that by changing two things. 1. The small transmitter would have to be in the bag and when you get close to it; it would start transmitting. 2. Now the device you are holding would either have a display showing how close you are with a red dot or something like that.
    Now on the thought of everyone having one of these. Just think of all of the codes and frequencies just to sell 1000 units. You would have to go to the FCC and reserve, If you could find one, a single frequency and transmit 1000 different codes on that frequency. Now Mr. 1001 would you try one of the first set of codes. Just to show you the security on this. Look at cars today. There are only a few keys made for each style of car. Each key is not unique to that car. Just look at the vehicles with keys and no chips. Ooo and the chips started with resistors(only like 5 different types), then binary codes then now trying to change this by making keyless cars.
    There are ways to make this work and sell it to the masses, but it just needs to have some more tweaks.

  • Stephano Jin says:

    Would you let me know how i do sell/distribute/purchase it?

  • fuckever says:

    ehh this thing won’t last 1 second.

    u know how luggages are handled?

    stupid design.

  • dmacb says:

    Or instead of getting the airport staff mad at you, you could make this for people who constantly lose their car keys and tv remotes!

  • justathought says:

    An interesting design besides the many flaws that some other comments have pointed out. However, if you think of the same concept and combine it with a growing trend in todays world, then you may have a chicken dinner. Ask yourself what most everyone has or wants or considers getting today? Smartphones. You change the idea of this into a GPS chip that you link with an app on your Android, Windows, or Apple Smartphone and voila. However this GPS chip would have to be super power saving and you activate it before you drop your bag at baggage check. It would have to last the duration of your flight and be rechargable in case of layovers. So this idea may be a few years away. Still great thinking. I like your fingerprint reader door handle better though

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  • Tim Kang says:

    How can I buy this product? And How much is it?
    Please let me know it!!!

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