Omegle in the park!


Vacuum seems like one of those IoT devices that are pretty cool, but incomplete as a concept. The Vacuum is a bench that allows people who sit on it to create memories by connecting to the bench’s Wi-Fi system and be a part of Vacuum’s social network. This allows you to build bonds with the area and the people in it at a given point of time. The vacuum network spans across the city where these benches are located, and people can cross share moments and memories, creating a sort of hive-network of Vacuum users (people seated on the bench).

What sort of befuddles me is the additional features of this bench. It comes with a layer of thermo-chromic paint that allows the bench to change color. The bench can also warm up, based on temperature settings. Now while these features may not make sense to a few, it definitely seems like a good idea to have get-away points within the city where people can build bonds and acquaintances, while actually being outside, and not cooped up in their houses.

Designer: Orsan Berkay Tuluce