Win a Customized Sonos PLAY:3

Sonos hooked up with artist Hisham Bharoocha to create a limited edition PLAY:3, the wireless wifi speaker system. Stream your entire music library, listen to your favorite radio stations and control it all from your mobile device. Only 150 were ever made and one lucky yd’er will win one! Just leave me a comment explaining where you would use the Sonos PLAY:3. Ends this Friday, March 30th @ 10PM PST. Open worldwide. Winner will be announced Monday, April 2nd.

Sponsor: Sonos, Congrats to Matthew Justice!



  • manolescu says:

    I’ll use it for the PARTY, starting with this “after college examination session” party, on 30th of April. Yeah baby, yeah!

  • Dan says:

    The quality sonos product combined with a super unique artistic touch will really help my office get to the next level and get people talking!

  • Canela says:

    From my favorite rooftop perch that I get to by crawling through my bedroom window. I would leave the window open, curtains fluttering in the breeze, and the sounds of everyone from Jr Gong to Sam Cook filling up the house and the skies, Undeneathe the sweet Georgia sun.

  • Eric Yeh says:

    I would use the Sonos PLAY:3 everywhere I go. As a B-boy/Dancer, a fashion designer, music lover, aspiring DJ, i would explore the depths of music, art, and culture using the Sonos PLAY:3 as my outlet. Everywhere I go whether it be dance or design or innovation, I will have a piece of art to accompany and inspire new pieces of art.

  • eno says:

    comment:-) gimme gimme

  • I would like to use this system… everywhere, in my Bedroom, Store room!, Bathroom!, In my Office and also in my most favorite Party Room to BOOM everybody!!!

  • Jay Martin says:

    I spent every penny I own, or will own for next 30 years, on a house that can only be termed a “fixer upper”. I would use a sweet sonos for motivation in turning this shell into a home worthy of YD. metallica, for demo, Kronos quartet for thoughtful design and I’ll take suggestions for everything inbetween.

  • Jonathan Chan says:

    I would use it in my kitchen!

  • kathryn hing says:

    I’d use it in an open field, with electricity being powered from the environment around me. After being chosen from a reaping, i would be sent to a round of the hunger games, where a sponsor would send it to me as i would be in need of music in my battle to the death.

  • alex says:

    where would i use it?
    i think a better question is
    where wouldn’t i?

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