This clip-on audio receiver turns any wired earbuds/headphones into wireless ones

A unibody clip-on Bluetooth receiver that pairs with your wired earbuds or headphones to listen to with mobile devices or other gadgets that have ditched the 3.5mm headphone jack for good!

Going wireless with your mobile devices is a standard that most flagships are following. This all goes well for lifestyle products like Bluetooth earbuds, but if you are a hardcore audiophile, parting with your favorite pair of headphones or earbuds for listening to music or podcasts on a smartphone is painful. Especially if you own a phone that doesn’t come with the good old headphone jack.

Designer: Ugly Duckling

The Grampus clip-on Bluetooth audio receiver (the designer calls it a clip-on Bluetooth) comes to the rescue for any such users who don’t want to sacrifice the option of listening to the audio on their trusted wired earphones/headphones. Not only can this accessory be useful for listening with Bluetooth mobile devices but also for times when you don’t want to wake up others in the family while watching an action movie on the big screen from a distance, paired with your wired set of cans. The design is dominated by a killer whale-like shape, wherein, the clip isn’t a separate part of the body, rather, it is a part of the unibody design of the product.

The flexibility of use is the key with this concept design that has huge potential to turn into a real-life product. The volume up/down button, as well as the power button, are very prominent in the form factor – thereby aiding in quick input without even looking at them. If the actual product does come with the supplied pair of detachable earbuds, it would be the red cherry on top. That way, the Bluetooth accessory can be paired with the color-matching earbuds, or if you want to use them with your trusted earbuds/headphones, it’s also possible to do that.

Grampus Bluetooth audio receiver should get support for connectivity with at least two devices simultaneously to appeal to modern users who live in an ecosystem of wireless devices. The cool colors that the designer has rendered the product in look absolutely desirable, and for people who want exactly this kind of functionality, Grampus makes complete sense.