Too Many Sockets Make a Brick

Socket Like Brick allows you to configure and create a modular multi tap as per convenience. Extend or remove modules safely, moreover accommodate the different sized plugs with ease. It basically provides a good solution to the managing devices; my only fear is that people shouldn’t go overboard with the configurations. Maybe if one of the modules can be a circuit breaker that indicates overload. What do you think?

Designer: Chih-Yao Chen


  • Clever idea! Not to rain on your parede, or be nitpicky (okay, I’m being nitpicky), but you should really use the third (ground) lead in the interconnection of the bricks, otherwise the subsequent socket modules are outright dangerous.

  • Maryline says:

    Very clever. I was actually thinking blocks when I saw the

  • Jimmy C says:


  • R says:

    Not a bad idea, but as was mentioned: removing the grounding prong from any one junction causes all the other ground prongs to lose functionality. Also, it’s generally considered unsafe to plug an extension cord into an extension cord. The increased number of junctions increases the possibility for a short.

  • Looking really good, and now for euro plugs too please… 🙂

  • Shree says:

    We made the plans for something like that a few years ago for a class excercise, but not as lovely. I believe we also put on suction cups on the back so people could mount them on the wall or wherever (just use extension cords to hook them up across distances).

  • Nicholas Brear says:

    nice design, but take into account that there is a maximum restrition of 16 outlets. Anymore and it goes against regulations. A circuit breaker is definately needed and an earth for safety.
    Other than that, nice deign. Maybe you can consider a 90degree adaptor for corner applications.

  • Maryline says:

    I knew I had seen something similar
    But there aren’t any in production

  • Simdude2u says:

    how do you get ground?? Is it just by touching the other cubes that the ground makes the connection?

  • CyberSkull says:

    Very good! All it needs is a ground and a mechanism for the bricks to lock together and you have a real winner!

  • Nico says:

    missing the ground wire

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