The Grasshopper

The motivation behind the El Tucura (The Grasshopper) trike was to give paraplegic users the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of off-road downhill mountain biking, promoting it as an integrated nationwide sport. A crank handle drive means hands are free for steering while accelerating and three 180mm disc brakes and a 250mm suspension give added control on those extreme downhills. I’d have no qualms about trading in my two-wheels for these three!

Designer: Versus Design


  • Ouch… Take a look at that seat. Eek. No way I’m putting my crotch *there* on a bumpy hill slope…
    How is power transmitted from the crank to the wheels?
    How do you brake?
    Some technical detail would be nice.
    Good effort, though!

  • tom says:

    this “bike” is not made for regular human … If you have something between your legs (male or female) you can’t use it … designers, please be smart, dont think only about style ! …

  • ksione says:

    Grasshopper is a mark of trialbike cycle. I like too, and the proyect is very interesting.

  • Don says:

    Where to leave your legs (apart from just hanging around)… Especially as a paraplegic.

    Please try to filter out the crap before posting

  • Hunter says:

    Easy way to kill your children.

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