Beautiful 3D Printed Lamps!


The speed at which the 3D printing industry is developing is staggering. It can be difficult to keep up with. But these developments have undeniably opened design up to a whole new world of manufacturing possibilities, and the team at the UAU Project have taken full advantage of these with their latest creation!

This beautiful pair is the Anemone and Bloom Lamps, and their sculpture-like form is an appropriate and striking hint towards their manufacturing process. The forms of the two lamps wonderfully contrast one another, while their intense surface detailing ties them together in a subtle manner.

If their unique form wasn’t enough to make them noticeable, then the vibrant, attention-stealing colors will ensure their presence isn’t lost within the room! They are certainly a unique and alluring alternative to some of the more conventional lamps on today’s market!

Designers: Justyna Fałdzińska & Miłosz Dąbrowski of UAU project


Designed to fit IKEA STRALA cord.