Karim Rashid, Beeple, and more artists collaborate to create the world’s most beautiful ‘digital analog clock’

Imagine if an NFT could tell time – that’s pretty much what Klydoclock feels like. The vintage pendulum-clock-inspired device comes with two circular display areas that showcase the time in unique ways. With an upper screen displaying the clock’s face and a lower one showing a swinging pendulum, Klydoclock relies on bizarrely beautiful visual styles that make reading the time an entrancing and contemplative experience. The clock’s visuals are the result of a collaboration between Klydo and some of the top animators and visual artists from around the world including the likes of Karim Rashid and Beeple.

Designer: Boaz Mendel

Click Here to Buy Now: $229 $350 ($121 off). Hurry, only 38/550 left! Raised over $320,000.

Klydoclock plays on the idea of uplifting and reimagining the mundane. Most antique clocks (especially those grandfather clocks) were designed for reliability and precision, and to let you see the time at a glance. They weren’t made to captivate you or grab your attention, but modern art works rather differently. Created as a quirky bridge between those two approaches, Klydoclock is a clock you could spend your day watching. Klydoclock’s screens showcase creative visuals that depict the passage of time, but in unique animations.

Analog Clock with Infinite Animated Faces – Transform your time-reading experience into an infinitely variable one.

Own a Piece of Decor Everyone Will Talk About – Klydoclock brightens up your space and serves as conversation piece.

The clock’s outer appearance remains strictly traditional – a rounded box made from birchwood veneer. However, the magic is what happens inside the box. The two displays show time in a variety of styles, letting you not just choose from a roster of artists and their motion graphics, but even design your own. Through the Klydo Artist Collective, users can contribute to the expanding collection of clock faces from industry elites like Karim, Beeple, Simona Alunni, Matt Semke, and many more.

Each Klydoclock is equipped with two 60Hz displays that show the clock face and moving pendulum respectively. A knurled tactile knob lets you preview the different ‘Klydos’ (that’s what the art experiences/themes are called) as well as adjust the time on your clock. Each Klydoclock also comes with a remote that lets you cycle through audio and visual themes in the clock settings, displayed in a circular UI that’s as beautiful as the clock itself. Sticking to the ethos of displaying great art, the Klydoclock doesn’t come with any fancy smartphone app, and doesn’t have a built-in camera or microphone to snoop in on you. Its only motive is to enrich your life and tell you the time while doing so!

Ultimately, the Klydoclock is also a global movement to bring art into every home. The team at Klydo partnered with more than 150 artists from 30 countries, creating as many as 1500 Klydos (art themes) that you can choose from in the initial collection. The movement also aims at supporting artists – not just by sharing a portion of the revenue from the Klydoclock sales, but also through the Klydo Artist Collective, which will offer events, workshops, promotions, and other opportunities to participants. Each Klydoclock starts at $229, with global shipping starting as early as December 2023.

Click Here to Buy Now: $229 $350 ($121 off). Hurry, only 38/550 left! Raised over $320,000.