Ode to the Journalist

The VJ CAM is specifically designed for video journalists, but I think most of us can benefit from it. The idea is to cut down the crew who handle the videography…mostly due to the current recession. The camcorder is built as modules and can be configured in a manner that suits the journalist. Each function is contained within a different module and the modules can be simply connected and interchanged according the requirements. For example the handle is an individual module, which can be positioned wherever it fits personal ergonomics best. The display is placed as a foldaway “hood” above the lens. An interesting concept that may work for the industry, what do you think?

Designer: Matthias Kestel


  • Jimmy C says:

    Hmm… It’s a little too blocky for my taste. Keep up the good work though!

  • cloud.b says:

    Looks good, but tho.k it needs more development, look into what a ‘film crew’ really need……keep going!

  • FluxRostrum says:

    there’s not nearly enough info bout this camera to form any sort of opinion on it. You need to give more info or at least drop a link to more info. Are these available for purchase or is this some wort of concept camera? Cameras usually have specs… like what format it records on… lens type, battery life, automated settings… get back to us when you’ve got a camera and not a just a concept.

  • Hunter says:

    So. Many. Parts.

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