Reusing Old Inkjet Cartridges

Pre-Packaged is a continuous circuit of light daisy-chained together kinda like Christmas lights. The reuse and repurpose function speaks to the eco-enthusiast within us while the soft glow from an embedded LED speaks to practical applications. The light from each LED is diffused by the thin layer of plastic around each cartridge. The vac-formed carton is sandwiched between a frame of mahogany veneered MDF and a small panel of frosted acrylic so light spills out from all directions.

Designer: Emma Caselton


  • chris says:

    so what the deal here?
    you purchas these as lights?
    or are they ink cartriges that coem with LEDs in them, to then be used as lights?

    These are eco-freindly.

    First off, nearly all of ink cartriges are opaque (i have seen ONE clear one in my life, and it happnens to be the ones you are showing.)

    These arent eco-friendly because you have washed them clean…and the issue of ink artriges is their ink…so now the ink is in the sewer, rather than properly disposed of at the required facility.

    You’re on the right track, you just need to think about sustainability and eliminate the space for people like me to make comments like this.

  • andym801 says:

    Uh, Chris, i’m pretty sure those aren’t the “actual” ink-cartridges, but the plastic packaging they come in. It’s generally white, not opaque. And no need to rinse out any ink.

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