Squish, Splash, and Waft Lighting

This series of interactive light objects by Viktor Alexander Kölbig aims to strengthen the relationship between object and user through light sources that not only illuminate the space they occupy but capture the users interest through a variety of unique interfaces and physical interactions like “smooshing” the smooth textile surface of the Seide lamp or stirring water in the Water Light to control power, color, and intensity.

Seide- this lamp develops its fascination the moment you touch the soft, smooth textile interface. Depending on how far it is pushed inside, the user can brighten and dim or turn it off by petting it gently.

Air Light- this lamp is developed to give the user the ability to adjusting the light without touching it. Just the presence of the hand inside the ring is enough to turn it on. A magic color change is triggered when the user simply turns their hand!

Water Light- fascinated by moving water and the reflections of light on the surface, this lamp consists of a light source and container holding water. The water not only spreads the light, but also acts as the interface for adjusting brightness and color. The amount of water added or taken away adjusts the amount of light, and stirring the water with your finger changes the color of the light- just like mixing water colors.

Designer: Viktor Alexander Kölbig