Tactile Cookware for the Blind

You’ve probably never tried to cook with your eyes closed, but imagine if you didn’t have a choice. For the blind & sight impaired people around the world, this otherwise simple task can be as daunting as it is dangerous. Sento cookware answers the practical needs of the sight impaired individuals with a variety of safe utensils with unique tactile qualities for easy identification. Not limited to the blind, this flame-resistant, easy to measure, friendly looking design is great for the beginner-cook as well.

Designer: Neora Zigler


  • noam fass says:

    extremely interesting!
    Hope everything in the world will be so inclusive…
    Not only the blind can use it,every one can.
    I want to use it too.
    Thanks Mrs. Zigler.

  • ran says:

    cool smart idea

  • katy says:

    i’m also blind stuff like this will make cooking so much safer and easier 4 me

  • Tom says:

    Wow, just found this and its great… my mom unfortunately has a cataract that might not be operable and will likely go blind at one point, so we are looking for ways to make her life easier.

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