Rool is a rocking stool and decorative piece for your living room

Sitting on a stool is not the most comfortable experience especially if you’re sitting there for a long period of time. But if you want to have something that’s lying around your house for people to sit on, it’s the best option that will not take up so much space (unlike a sofa or a full chair). So having product concepts for something that will be more comfy or interesting is something that we’re always on the lookout for.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

The Rool or Rocking Stool doesn’t look to be the most comfortable or stable of stools but it does look pretty. It looks more like a museum piece or a decorative stool for a designer house. What’s unique about its functionality is that it is designed to rock like a rocking chair but this time, from side to side. It can be soothing for some who like a rocking motion or who would prefer to sit on something that is not stationary.

The stool is made from plywood but the three pieces are designed to bend “artfully” to give not just a unique design but to also bring that rocking functionality. We previously covered something called a Nodding Chair where it’s the seat that’s rocking and not really the whole structure of the chair itself. The Rool doesn’t employ that same design as it’s the whole thing that will be rocking. So it will have some impact on the floor eventually.

I’m not a big fan of furniture that is more decorative than functional but if you like having some design pieces in your room, then this product concept seems perfect for your museum, I mean your living room. As for the comfort level that you’ll get from the stool, the renders show it’s not something you’d like to sit on for a long time. But if it’s just for a few minutes and you like rocking chairs, it would be interesting to try out something like this.