Rare Wegner Prototype Reproduction

For the celebration of Hans Wegner’s 100th Anniversary, PP Mobler is launching 3 exclusive chairs as a tribute to the renowned designer. The first, called the Tub Chair, is a unique fusion where Wegner merged the new moulding plywood technique with upholstery and traditional woodwork. Its complexity is a brilliant example of the bold and pioneering experiments that Wegner conducted throughout his career.

“These chairs are important because they are outstanding and unique examples of Wegner’s work with easy chairs, but also because they are unique examples of good design in general. They offer inspiration with pioneering concepts, and they do it as extremely good quality products that are comfortable and will last for a lifetime” explains Master of Craftsmen Kasper Holst Pedersen, PP Mobler.

Designer: Hans Wegner produced by PP Mobler


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