Toilet 2.0

Toilet 2.0 is ready for the future, it’s made from corian which makes it thinner, lighter and stronger. The shape is deigned to prevent splashes. It cleans with 8 different points with pressurized jets. This regular cleaning cycle makes it possible to avoid using cleaners that contaminate water systems. There’s also a built-in air freshener. It uses grey water to clean the pipe system behind the walls and clean water for flushing.

Designer: Dave Hakkens

Toilet 2.0 from Dave Hakkens on Vimeo.


  • Jason Wang says:

    It’s probably going to need some steel reinforcements to support more weight.

  • Dorian Gray says:

    I’m always ready to see more toilet designs. Toilet, at least in 21st century, needs lots of works to be done. Simply, it is the most efficient, the most beautiful work of engineering. And again, who knows what will come to next?

    But this one, again like many other suggestions, includes nothing but just vague copycat phrase from others. Really. Yes, I am saying it.

    Reason why I said it is because of the part “dirty water for dirty job.” Yes, it will save lots of water, but that doesn’t make people to hate clean water for their toilet. People with ordinary toilet in their house want clean water flushing down a toilet, because it wouldn’t leave stains on toilet! I have used some of these “dirty water for dirty job” toilets, but none of them did really work.

  • shiva says:

    hey dude, have u checked the properties of Corian?
    Corian sounds all high-tech and all…but do you really think, when cantilevered, it will hold a 200 pound person??

  • WZhangID says:

    Loved the presentation and video. Cool concept.

  • Jeremy says:

    i doubt it’s anti-splash. but that is a major problem in toilets…i hate it when i get splashed on

  • Jimmy C says:

    Quite nice, quite nice…

  • Christine says:

    This toilet 2.0 design is a very interesting and unique concept. Corian(R) makes sense for bathroom environments where you need a surface that is easy to clean. Thanks for sharing. Christine from DuPont.

  • MaR says:

    Ačtually this is pretty awfull idea.

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