Future Touch Tech

This concept computer-of-the-future by designer Jakub Záhoř allows the user to operate the device anywhere they can find a glass surface. The user simply attaches the central unit to any glass surface like a window or coffee table, switches on the power, and watches their system light up before their eyes. The display appears as an interactive hologram on the glass that the user merely has to touch to operate. It also makes for an easy, take-anywhere way to project photos and presentations or stream movies. Windex not included.

Designer: Jakub Záhoř


  • Hi, touch technology is in hike these days…it is good that our technology is exploring day by day well this is also good for our future aspect.this one’s design is good…and attractive too..

  • wowt says:

    i still don’t like touch screen keyboards. it’s okay for mobile, but not on a workstation.

  • Quintin says:

    Really, I like this idea. But a lot of ideas like this one have been seen in movies as special effects… I can respect the 3D drawing skills of the artist, but the idea is not original and technology to create this simply isn’t here.

    What would be really impressive is actually inventing the technology to build something like this…

    I believe there’s too many people wanting to make cool designs like these and not enough people by far who are actually willing to take on the challenge to do the R&D and actually build something…

  • sikisplus says:

    wow it looks very attractive.

  • Sean says:

    Totally agree.

    Drill down to the technology and get your hand dirty is the next thing.

  • BobbyGoks says:

    This is amazing !!

  • Leslie says:

    This is awesome. It looks like a gadget Tom Cruise would use in his movies. I love the simplicity of the appearance and the blue light used to contrast the black color of the device. Can’t wait to see this out in the market.

  • Marcelo Prates says:

    are you really wrong technology already exists.

    WHAT failure and improve the vision and 3d.

  • lmwodo says:

    beautiful its like the textual based computer makes a graceful return into our world

  • Jessica says:

    In the 4th picture, they spelled “scanning” wrong..

  • Hakeem says:

    Cool design!

  • Aidy P says:

    Absolutely amazing!

  • johan worbergen says:

    and way too many people who sit around on the interweb saying stupid shit like that.

  • EMAN says:

    guess i seriously just found out why MOST OF THIS PLANET has gone dodo…. how are we all not extinct yet?

    read some of these comments…. this technology doesn’t work yet… and won’t for a VERY long time

    and you idiots are more concerned about how the thing looks? or how it would look in a movie star’s hands…

    (i can totally see why the USA can’t go to space on its on now…)

  • Salvatore says:

    please, you’re saying technology to make every glass surface into a touchscreen instantly exists?

  • ..... says:

    people that say “interweb” are stupid shits.

  • Octopus says:

    The Z and Y keys are exchanged o_O

  • Sam says:

    Another form-over-function toy for iEnthusiasts

  • ... says:

    future technology started with:
    … loading…

    Will they never learn?

  • clytze says:

    but is it only shows black and white?

  • joseph says:

    you sound like my grandpa

  • Danny says:

    What about the shadows from your hands?

  • Lexie says:

    lol can i buy one…NOW???

  • Jimmy C says:

    That’s actually pretty cool. I would use it a lot. Two things though: One, glass isn’t very portable and breaks easily. Two, what if someone runs you off for getting fingerprints on their glass? Once you solve those two problems, I’ll have my wallet out and open.

  • wouldntyouliketoknow says:

    Very cool, very interesting..only it wouldn’t work for me, I don’t own a glass table..or pretty much glass anything, and I don’t plan on owning a glass table.. so if they could somehow make it work on any surface would be great, cause I have a wooden coffee table, not glass…
    I see the point of glass so it’s see through,
    but…I don’t know just not very practical for me, to go out and buy a glass table, that will just break with all the brats I have over.

    So fix that and get back to me.
    k thx.

  • Vedette says:

    This would surely be amazing if this is made

  • sami says:

    i like the idea. it’s pretty neat, but i don’t like that it requires a glass surface. i’d much rather carry around my laptop that isnt as easy to break.

  • Ron says:

    I guess they never got to the 2nd word in the article… ” concept” or understood it.!! LOL
    How many “concept ” cars have we seen come to reality.

  • yas says:

    Cool but it would be kind of gross… Imagine when this kind of technology is readily available and how many people would have touched the table before you… People with colds. And bad hygiene habits. :S

  • Taramathea says:

    That is SO wicked cool!

  • sell gadgets says:

    It is a great device for users to operate anywhere.

  • Ash says:

    You might be interested in this TED talk on a closely related technology

  • awsum…..great techinical

  • SchemaByte says:

    I’m not sure how you noticed that, but I’m now immensely troubled by it. 🙂

    I thought the misspelling of “scanning” might do me in, but now I’m a goner for sure.

  • Whoa. I can’t wait for that to go on sale!

  • I don’t have any words just Say onlu WOWWWWW. I am keen interested to touch it soon…..

  • Maheen Ali says:

    Very Good Post For Me
    I found this post on stumbleupon
    Thanks For Sharing

  • Goa packages says:

    Awesome Gadget eager to buy it.
    please tell me how i can get one

  • Asma Abbasi says:

    I like this idea too much
    thanks for sharing

  • Jaden Lee Ohrt says:

    I like touch screens but not on a workstation.

  • Somebody says:

    @Quentin : cheer up lad – the glass is already half full 😉

  • eliott says:

    How do i get one

  • eliott says:

    How do i get one of those

  • Thembie says:

    gosh…..i want that

  • Matt says:

    Its an amazing concept, but how often does one come across a flat, horizontal glass surface?

    Unless the thing can stick onto a vertical glass surface its applications are somewhat limited.
    And if we do have to stick it onto – essentially a window – I assume we have to hope it doesn’t fall off while were using it. I suggest that Samsung don’t make it. (Very fragile phones, Samsungses.)

    Also I’m not sure I want to live in a world where some guy carries around a large pane of glass so he can use his phone at Starbucks. And this WILL HAPPEN, you know its true.

    People will be on all store-front windows browsing for cat-toys on Amazon, Skyping on the bathroom mirrors in nightclubs and re-watching Breaking Bad’s season 4 gag reel on their car windscreen while driving.
    I’m not sure about this new world, it frightens me.

    Ah screw it, Where can I buy one?

  • Amit says:

    fuckin good.. gadget..

  • trendoloji says:

    Oh my god it is splendid

  • Fondos says:

    Good device, good design!

  • filmagic says:

    This is money making gadget for public presentations. Lot of details missing, however idea is to use it as virtual touch screen on store windows, when interactive communication is necessary. No chance to damage or steal it.

    Expecting more information, or to wait next 2-3 years.

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