Everything in Tandem

Tandem is a storage space, a seat and a side table all at once. It just depends on how you use it. Multifunctional is the name of this game. Store your laptop, phone, books and magazines inside the cubby holes. A work top rotates 360º to become a quick workstation and use the whole thing as a stool too. Made of white oak, it imparts a sense of refinement. The wood isn’t heavily treated. The core however is made of aluminum to provide strength. Like it?

Designer: Geoffrey Graven


  • Anthony says:

    Wouldn’t the table part be more useful if the stand came off one side, rather than going right in the centre. At the moment, you either have to sit on the stool like a saddle, or the table is in an inconvenient place.

  • That’s awesome!

  • This is really lovely…. Very good design and the wood is awesome!

  • jane says:

    Love this thing! Multifunctional worktop, seat, storage & fun. The only things missing are locking casters on the bottom, so you can move the whole thing around easily, a handle so you can pull it, and a fabric seat cushion, that is attached, but is also removable for added comfort.

  • hat methi says:

    wow ! awesome!

  • jat says:

    How to buy this product?

  • Cover Home says:

    I have seen something similar at a large London airport for a free wifi area. This is a far more desirable version of it however.

  • Geoffrey says:

    Hi all!

    Thank you very much for your comments and support. Actualy Tandem is among the finalist projects for the woodstock design contest 2011. If everything goes on as expected a prototype should be made and exhibited around January 2012 at the [email protected] or the Maison&Objet in Paris, which still needs to be determind.

    Enjoy the design on Yanko 😉

  • Geoffrey says:

    The prototype of Tandem will be exhibited during the Wood Stock Design Contest award ceremony at the “Maison&Objet” showcase in Paris.
    Rendez-vous is in the 5B hall, business lounge.
    January 23rd, starting 3pm.
    Come say hi if you pass by!

  • That is awesome. It would be perfect for working on the couch.

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